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About Our Company

V-LAB Ltd founded in 2020, is a smart engineering technology and energy consultancy focused on sustainable innovation. At V-LAB, we work on a number of areas associated with energy efficiency, carbon neutrality and clean technology. We have a fantastic team of individuals with a high level of technical expertise, reputation, and high-impact scientific publications in the area. V-LAB comprises an interdisciplinary and forward-thinking team of experts with diverse backgrounds, a can-do attitude, and a proven record of realising worldwide business opportunities.

Our Mission

Further the development of mankind through innovation.

Our Vision

We see the future in which people interact seamlessly in the digital and physical worlds, life enhanced with technology and process optimisation.

Smart Asset Management

We provide integrated engineering and project management services across the project lifecycle – from concept and design to construction and operations to decommissioning or repowering and life extension. And our expertise spans the full spectrum of energy and building and digital sectors.

Working closely with our clients, we are opening opportunities to develop innovative solutions to meet the increasing demand as well as reduce carbon emissions. V-LAB have access to a number of demo sites across the UK, Europe and Africa. We work closely with a number of companies, community energy groups and organizations to implement and test innovative technologies, including: