Professional Services

Smart Buildings and Cities

➤ Digital Twins
➤ Smart City Sensors
➤ Building Information Modelling
➤ Building Data Management
➤ Project and Programme Management
➤ Building Energy Analysis
➤Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation

Climate Change Mitigation

➤ Climate change
➤ Reducing emissions
➤ Climate resilience
➤ Energy transition

Digital Technology

➤ Extended Reality (XR)
➤ Augmented Reality (AR)
➤ Virtual Reality (VR)
➤ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Education and Training

➤ Training and Programme Development
➤ Programme Validation
➤ Continuous Professional Development
➤ Academic Conferences


➤Energy System Modelling
➤ Energy System Optimisation
➤ Renewable Energy Integration
➤ Renewable Energy
➤ Energy Efficiency
➤Proposal Preparation

Environment Sustainability

➤ Sustainable Development
➤ Environmental Risk Management
➤ Environmental Planning
➤ Waste Management
➤Life-cycle assessment

Hydrogen Economy

➤ Distribution and Storage
➤ Decarbonisation
➤Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation
➤Energy System Modelling and Optimisation


➤ Metallurgy
➤ Materials Characterisation
➤ Material Failure Investigation
➤ Fracture and Root Cause Analysis
➤Circular Economy

One-Stop Shop

➤ Shopping Concierge – One-stop shop combining all your invoices

Software Development Services

➤ Web Design and Development
➤ Mobile Applications
➤SEO Optimisation