Intuitive Thermal Comfort Controller

Guaranteeing an optimal level of thermal comfort can increase productivity and quality of life. ‘THERCOM’ project will facilitate the development of a new paradigm in indoor climate control to ensure optimal thermal comfort. The control development will focus on three characteristics: improving user experience, increasing energy efficiency and consistency with the technological revolution.

‘THERCOM’ will offer an innovative user experience by implementing intuitive interaction between the occupant and the controller. The controller will apply thermal comfort theory and, based on the European and UK standards, bring an improvement to the user experience. ‘THERCOM’ will be the first controller to directly relate to the user experience and the environment, providing consumers with a unique control. The controller will optimize the expediency of most of the room users: no other controller in the marker is able to adjust the setpoints to optimize the general thermal comfort level of the room.

Increasing energy efficiency is one of the principal objectives of our society to decrease the negative impacts on the environment. ‘THERCOM’ will generate the opportunity to increase thermal comfort and optimise energy consumption. Internet of Things offers for the first time in human history the opportunity to provide ‘intelligence’ to objects. The new technologies try to improve the human quality of life, and thermal comfort is one area with immense potential to apply ‘smart’ controllers. Using the theoretical knowledge of thermal comfort, empirical data, international standards, and innovative hardware, ‘THERCOM’ project seeks to create a new paradigm in the indoor climate controller world, based on people, and adapting to personal prophecies, the human being has to be the focus of the advances that seek to reach net zero because it is the humans who consume the energy.

Motivated people are the most powerful force in the world. ‘THERCOM’ is able to motivate people to reduce their energy consumption through competition, rewards, feedback, and other gamification concepts, utilising all the power of motivated people. With this in mind, the possible positive impacts of this project are immense.

AI-Based Health and Safety Training in Offshore Construction: Transforming Safety Standards

The offshore construction sector faces a critical crossroads in its journey towards improved safety practices. In the past year alone, the industry reported a staggering 565,000 incidents and 123 fatalities, underscoring an urgent need for advancements in health and safety training methodologies. Traditional approaches have proven inadequate in mitigating risks and fostering a culture of safety. Recognising this challenge, V-LAB, in collaboration with TRICORE TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD (previously Core Systems Software Ltd), introduces SafeSite: a revolutionary AI-driven solution poised to redefine health and safety training in offshore construction. 

SafeSite: Pioneering AI-Driven Safety Training for Offshore Environments 

At the forefront of innovation, SafeSite integrates cutting-edge AI technology with immersive Virtual Reality (VR) environments to deliver a transformative approach to health and safety training. Central to its capabilities is an AI-powered model-making process that converts 3D scans into high-definition Building Information Modelling (BIM) models. This breakthrough enables precise virtual simulations of offshore environments, enhancing training realism and effectiveness. 

Moreover, SafeSite features a bespoke AI scenario creator tailored to the unique challenges of offshore locations. This tool crafts engaging and relevant training content that resonates with the specific operational contexts of offshore projects. Coupled with an immersive VR setting, complete with AI voice tutors and customisable avatars, SafeSite offers an interactive learning experience unparalleled in its depth and effectiveness. 

SafeXtend: Extending Safety Excellence Across Construction 

Beyond offshore environments, SafeXtend extends V-LAB’s commitment to safety excellence across the broader construction industry. Leveraging similar AI-driven technologies, SafeXtend provides comprehensive health and safety training solutions tailored to diverse construction settings. Whether it’s high-rise structures or complex infrastructure projects, SafeXtend empowers teams with the knowledge and skills needed to mitigate risks and ensure workplace safety. 

Looking Ahead: Towards a Safer and Sustainable Future 

As we forge ahead, V-LAB remains steadfast in its dedication to advancing safety standards in construction. Our ongoing commitment to innovation is driven by a vision to support the UK’s ambitious targets, including scaling offshore wind capacity to 40GW by 2030. By aligning SafeSite and SafeXtend with these goals, we aim not only to enhance safety but also to contribute to a sustainable future for the industry. 

Exciting Developments on the Horizon 

In addition to our current initiatives, we are excited to announce that V-LAB is actively working on something new and groundbreaking in the realm of health and safety training. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in safeguarding lives and promoting excellence in construction safety. 

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Together, let’s build a safer tomorrow. 

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