Intuitive Thermal Comfort Controller

Guaranteeing an optimal level of thermal comfort can increase productivity and quality of life. ‘THERCOM’ project will facilitate the development of a new paradigm in indoor climate control to ensure optimal thermal comfort. The control development will focus on three characteristics: improving user experience, increasing energy efficiency and consistency with the technological revolution.

‘THERCOM’ will offer an innovative user experience by implementing intuitive interaction between the occupant and the controller. The controller will apply thermal comfort theory and, based on the European and UK standards, bring an improvement to the user experience. ‘THERCOM’ will be the first controller to directly relate to the user experience and the environment, providing consumers with a unique control. The controller will optimize the expediency of most of the room users: no other controller in the marker is able to adjust the setpoints to optimize the general thermal comfort level of the room.

Increasing energy efficiency is one of the principal objectives of our society to decrease the negative impacts on the environment. ‘THERCOM’ will generate the opportunity to increase thermal comfort and optimise energy consumption. Internet of Things offers for the first time in human history the opportunity to provide ‘intelligence’ to objects. The new technologies try to improve the human quality of life, and thermal comfort is one area with immense potential to apply ‘smart’ controllers. Using the theoretical knowledge of thermal comfort, empirical data, international standards, and innovative hardware, ‘THERCOM’ project seeks to create a new paradigm in the indoor climate controller world, based on people, and adapting to personal prophecies, the human being has to be the focus of the advances that seek to reach net zero because it is the humans who consume the energy.

Motivated people are the most powerful force in the world. ‘THERCOM’ is able to motivate people to reduce their energy consumption through competition, rewards, feedback, and other gamification concepts, utilising all the power of motivated people. With this in mind, the possible positive impacts of this project are immense.

SafeSite – AI-Based Health and Safety Training in Offshore Construction

The offshore construction industry is at a crossroads, facing a pressing dilemma: a staggering 565,000 incidents and 123 fatalities were reported in the year 2021/22. These alarming statistics underscore the urgent need for a transformative shift in safety standards. Simultaneously, the emergence of floating offshore wind technology holds immense promise, paving the way for significant growth in renewable wind energy production, especially in deeper waters. Amidst this promising expansion, it’s crucial to emphasise the paramount importance of ensuring safety during offshore construction. Thus, traditional methods of health and safety training, once deemed sufficient, have proven inadequate in ensuring the well-being of offshore workers. It is clear that a new approach is needed to address this critical issue.

In response to this challenge, we introduce SafeSite — a groundbreaking solution poised to revolutionise offshore safety training. Developed in collaboration with Core Systems Software Ltd and V-LAB Ltd, SafeSite is an innovative, AI-driven health and safety tool that harnesses the immersive capabilities of Virtual Reality (VR). This powerful combination of cutting-edge technology promises not only to elevate safety standards but also to enhance the overall operational efficiency of offshore construction projects.

Key Features

SafeSite is a comprehensive solution that combines cutting-edge features to revolutionise offshore safety training.

One of its standout features is the AI-powered model-making process, which seamlessly transforms 3D scans into high-definition Building Information Modelling (BIM) models. This innovation not only enhances project planning accuracy but also streamlines the identification of potential safety hazards, ensuring that workers are well-prepared.

In addition, SafeSite boasts a proprietary AI scenario creator that meticulously tailors health and safety training content to match the unique conditions of individual offshore locations. This approach ensures a highly customised, engaging, and relevant training experience that resonates with workers, improving their readiness to handle real-life situations.

Complementing these cutting-edge capabilities is an immersive VR environment featuring an AI voice tutor and customisable avatars. This immersive setting fosters an interactive and unparalleled learning experience, enabling workers to actively engage with safety protocols and procedures, further enhancing their preparedness.

Overall, SafeSite not only prioritises safety but also optimises training effectiveness, aligns with industry standards, and contributes to enhanced business productivity. This comprehensive approach ensures a safer and more sustainable future for the offshore construction industry, perfectly in line with the UK’s ambitious goals for offshore wind energy production.

In collaboration with Core Systems Software Ltd, we leverage their extensive expertise in software development to ensure the seamless integration of SafeSite’s AI-driven features. Core Systems Software Ltd has a proven track record in delivering robust and reliable software solutions, making them an invaluable partner in our mission to enhance offshore safety.

V-LAB Ltd brings its wealth of experience in the realm of extended reality (XR) to the table. With our expertise in VR technology and immersive environments, V-LAB Ltd ensures that SafeSite’s VR components are state-of-the-art and provide the most realistic and effective training experience possible.

A Vision for a Safer and More Sustainable Future

SafeSite’s vision extends beyond its impressive features; it embodies a broader ambition—to align with and contribute to the UK’s audacious goal of increasing offshore wind output to 40GW by 2030. By integrating our cutting-edge solution with the nation’s green energy aspirations, we aim to sculpt a safer and more sustainable future for the offshore construction industry.

SafeSite represents a transformative leap forward in offshore safety training. With its AI-driven technology, immersive VR experiences, and a commitment to aligning with sustainability goals, SafeSite is poised to redefine safety standards and shape a brighter future for offshore construction.

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