Intuitive Thermal Comfort Controller

Guaranteeing an optimal level of thermal comfort can increase productivity and quality of life. ‘THERCOM’ project will facilitate the development of a new paradigm in indoor climate control to ensure optimal thermal comfort. The control development will focus on three characteristics: improving user experience, increasing energy efficiency and consistency with the technological revolution.

‘THERCOM’ will offer an innovative user experience by implementing intuitive interaction between the occupant and the controller. The controller will apply thermal comfort theory and, based on the European and UK standards, bring an improvement to the user experience. ‘THERCOM’ will be the first controller to directly relate to the user experience and the environment, providing consumers with a unique control. The controller will optimize the expediency of most of the room users: no other controller in the marker is able to adjust the setpoints to optimize the general thermal comfort level of the room.

Increasing energy efficiency is one of the principal objectives of our society to decrease the negative impacts on the environment. ‘THERCOM’ will generate the opportunity to increase thermal comfort and optimise energy consumption. Internet of Things offers for the first time in human history the opportunity to provide ‘intelligence’ to objects. The new technologies try to improve the human quality of life, and thermal comfort is one area with immense potential to apply ‘smart’ controllers. Using the theoretical knowledge of thermal comfort, empirical data, international standards, and innovative hardware, ‘THERCOM’ project seeks to create a new paradigm in the indoor climate controller world, based on people, and adapting to personal prophecies, the human being has to be the focus of the advances that seek to reach net zero because it is the humans who consume the energy.

Motivated people are the most powerful force in the world. ‘THERCOM’ is able to motivate people to reduce their energy consumption through competition, rewards, feedback, and other gamification concepts, utilising all the power of motivated people. With this in mind, the possible positive impacts of this project are immense.

V-LAB Wins Innovation Award at Tees Tech Awards 2023

The tech community of Tees Valley gathered in the Pavilion at Kirkleatham Walled Garden in Redcar for the highly anticipated Tees Tech Awards 2023 evening. Organised by Tees Business in association with DigitalCity and Middlesbrough Digital, the award ceremony celebrated the remarkable achievements of the region’s tech industry. The event, held on Thursday, June 8, and hosted by Bob Cuffe MBE, brought together over 300 attendees and aimed to raise funds for The Hope Foundation’s FurbdIT project, an initiative combating digital poverty in the region.

As a relatively new company, V-LAB was already honoured to be a finalist for both the Innovation and Newcomer of the Year awards. The recognition itself was a testament to the hard work of our team and our commitment to revolutionising energy and digital engineering to meet net-zero targets. However, winning the Tees Tech Award for Innovation was undoubtedly the highlight of the night, showcasing our dedication to innovation.

Dr Vladimir Vukovic, the founding director of V-LAB Ltd, expressed his excitement, stating, “I’m thrilled to share that our team has been awarded the innovation prize for our groundbreaking app, THERCOM. This technology aims to revolutionise indoor temperature control and energy conservation allowing the occupants to control their energy systems by expressing how hot or cold they are, rather than setting the temperature. And by doing so, THERCOM brings average savings of 40%. Tees Tech Innovation Aware is a testament to our hard work and expertise. We’re honoured by this recognition and motivated to continue developing innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Thank you for your support as we strive to make a positive impact with THERCOM.

THERCOM, developed by V-LAB, is a groundbreaking indoor climate control system that prioritises user experience, energy efficiency, and alignment with the technological revolution. Supported by the Innovate UK Fast Start: Innovation grant, DigitalCity, and the Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, THERCOM guarantees optimal thermal comfort while delivering an intuitive interaction between occupants and energy systems. By incorporating thermal comfort theory, THERCOM enhances the user experience, making it the world’s first indoor climate control system that directly relates to the user experience and the environment.

If you would like to pre-order the THERCOM app with smart thermostats and smart radiator valves, please fill out the form at

Beyond local achievements, V-LAB is actively contributing to an international project in partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng). This project, backed by the Anglo-American Group Foundation and the UK Government’s Global Challenges Research Fund, empowers engineers in the electricity industry in Nigeria, enhancing access to renewable electricity and promoting sustainable energy solutions. As the UK industrial lead on this groundbreaking initiative, V-LAB is poised to make a significant impact, benefiting millions of people in Africa’s most populous country.

Vishak Dudhee (left) and Dr Vladimir Vukovic (Right) at the Tees Tech 2023 Award Ceremony (photo credit: Chris Booth)

Vishak Dudhee, the Technical Manager at V-LAB, emphasised the company’s commitment to knowledge sharing and practical implementation, stating, ” At V-LAB, we are committed to achieving net-zero goals. We actively translate our ideas into action and offer our expertise through consultancy to support others in need. By consistently putting our ideas into practice and sharing our knowledge, we strive to contribute to the broader goal of reaching net-zero emissions.

The Tees Tech Awards 2023 not only celebrated outstanding achievements but also highlighted the thriving tech ecosystem in Tees Valley. The event showcased the remarkable talent and innovation present in the region, inspiring and motivating others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Year after year, the Tees Tech Awards amplify success stories, driving the tech sector forward and solidifying Tees Valley’s reputation as a hub for tech excellence.

V-LAB would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to Tees Business for this prestigious award. Congratulations to the other nominees for the Innovation Award, Fitfactory Technology and Core Systems Software, as well as fellow Newcomer of the Year nominee, Core Systems Software, and award winner, The Petite Agency!

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Vishak Dudhee
Technical Manager

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